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MBW2024 is over, see you in MBW2025!

Jul 5, 2024 | News

The first edition of the Molecular Biophysics Workshop organised in the scope of Project LINkS was held in Montpellier from July, 1st to the 4th. It gathered almost 40 participants coming from 14 countries on various themes such as :

  • Large-scale calculations integrating experimental constraints (variety of techniques from NMR to high-resolution microscopy);
  • Coherent dynamical phenomena and long-lived collective phenomena in biomolecular environments as collective oscillations of macromolecules; biomolecular processes to support molecular dynamics and ordering;
  • Studies of biomolecule folding and dynamics on multiple time scales, with the aim of understanding their role in molecular recognition, function and allostery;
  • Frohlich Theory for living matter
  • EM fields interaction with living systems
  • Emerging fields such as quantum phenomena in biological systems, or the use of quantum devices to study biological problems;
  • Development of new experimental tools or techniques (ex: THz, Roman, FTIR, TDS, FCCS, etc.) to interrogate biological questions that are not accessible by current techniques.

The chairmen Jeremie Torres, Marco Pettini and their team warmly thank all the participants for being part of the MBW2024 adventure, with special thanks to our outstanding plenary speakers for their contributions: Judith Klinman, Martina Havenith, Cecilia Clementi, Jack Tuszynski and Philip Kurian.


📣 See you all next year for MBW2025!

Stay tuned!

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